About Anger Management:

Anger is the primary emotion that society knows very little about. As a result we have become afraid of anger, an emotion that we all experience.

Often anger is the outward expression of something much deeper going on inside, it is used as a defence mechanism to hide our pain, fear, insecurities, and vulnerabilities.

Just the thought of coming on an anger management course will, I’m sure, have brought up uncomfortable feelings. Many people struggle time and time again to actually move on, from thinking about it- to taking their first step.



Ed is an Anger Management practitioner who helps people struggling to control their anger, and also those who need help to understand anger and stay safe in relation to other peoples anger.

Anger is an emotion, just like all the others, but anger is often poorly understood and more often than not, it is expressed inappropriately causing hurt and pain to all concerned.

From the ‘imploder’ who tries not to be angry and keeps internalising, to the ‘exploder’ who is continually aggressive, abusive and threatening. All can be helped.

Inappropriate experiences of anger have their origins in the past, anger is often fuelled by hurt, pain, fear and insecurity which can in turn lead to low self esteem, lack of confidence and inferiority.

We all need to learn how to manage the powerful feelings that surround anger, and unlike all the other emotional problems people face that are often supported by friends and family (depression, anxiety, grief), anger is often avoided at all costs- leaving those who have problems controlling and experiencing anger, alone.

Ed uses his extensive life experience and his broad range of therapeutic skills to help people understand the nature of anger; where is comes from, how it affects us, how to spot our triggers and also how to help us express it appropriately.

It’s ok to be angry, but your anger needs expressing in an appropriate, responsible manner, so that all concerned stay safe.

Ed works with individuals or groups, and this can be in our practice or in a venue or corporate setting. He also offers continual support by phone and Skype sessions, and email.

Any enquiry relating to anger and emotional issues will of course always remain confidential and be handled sensitively.